The demands of our working and living environments are becoming more and more complex. Almost everyone has something to say about the number of roles they need to adopt, increasing tensions, scarce resources, challenging priorities to juggle, and a lack of focus. Nevertheless, there is still an underlying desire to lead a meaningful, healthy life and to achieve success, both in a professional and a private capacity. Effective self-management is the key to this.
Achieving enduring increases in efficiency, effectiveness, performance and satis

Many employees and managers describe the following challenges: not having enough time, having to carry out too many tasks simultaneously, experiencing high workloads, having to collaborate at a distance or work from home more often, being confronted with ever-changing demands, experiencing difficulties in reconciling their private with their professional lives, or being unable to switch off or relax properly.

As part of the self-management training program, participants reflect on their personal working behaviour. The next step is to be introduced to and apply methods and techniques that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of those attending the course as well as to improve performance and satisfaction levels for the long-term.

Noticeable changes in behaviour can be achieved through face-to-face sessions as well as online training modules, or through supportive coaching or job shadowing.

What we offer

  • Analysis and development of personal work behaviour: Identifying and reflecting on personal working style through self-assessment, increasing effectiveness through the provision of training on specialised subject areas, improving efficiency, dealing with burdens and stress, prioritisation, working from home, collaborating and communicating at a distance
  • Coaching und shadowing: Applying coaching or shadowing methods to enhance effectiveness and efficiency at work, using one’s own behaviour and feedback for personal development