Sales Development and Sales Training Programs

Growing market transparency, saturated markets and new technologies require rethinking in terms of sales, and intensify the demands on sales staff. Customers need trusted counterparts who understand their requirements, wishes and needs. The focus is on putting the customer first, the overall customer experience, and sales performance.
Tailor-made, needs-based sales training programs

Ultimately, it is about increasing the performance and advisory competence of your sales team. Whether in face-to-face dealings, telephone sales or by means of virtual media, our sales experience in almost all industries and channels means that we can implement training courses appropriate to your preferred sales channel.

We operate with a focus on DOING. In a first step, we introduce the necessary knowledge to your sales staff in short input sequences and let them experiment. We apply and train the techniques learned in practice-relevant training units all the way through to direct customer contact. We ensure lasting benefits by adopting a transfer concept tailored to your particular needs and combining the training sessions with appropriate follow-up tasks, follow-up coaching and seminars for advanced training as your circumstances require. Our international reach enables us to deliver sales training sessions in German, French, Italian and English.

What we offer

  • Sales steering: development and introduction of tailor-made sales processes and metrics, implementation and quality control through mystery checks, support of sales initiatives from A to Z, performance management for sales employees
  • Sales competencies: implementation of sales training sessions or empowerment of sales managers (train-the-trainer), either in the classroom or virtually, on topics such as public image / presentation  skills and relationship building, acquisition and advice, inquiring about customer needs, arguing benefits, selling on the phone, making appointments, effective pre and post-processing and a great deal more
  • Sales coaching: one-to-one coaching and sales support for individual sales employees (shadowing)