Learning 4.0

Digitalization challenges companies to think in new ways in terms of training. How, where, when and with whom people learn is undergoing radical change. Learning methods and contents are based on specific organizational challenges, but at the same time on the needs of the individual. The key is to combine physical and digital forms of learning in an intelligent way.
Efficient and flexible learning

Under VUCA conditions, in particular, people are expected to demonstrate numerous interdisciplinary competences as well as the ability to learn new things quickly and implement them profitably on a daily basis. By skilfully combining various digital and analogue solutions, we are able to achieve a high degree of learning success. The added value and long-term sustainability of your learning strategy are guaranteed.

We support you in designing your training strategy and learning environment. Our digital toolbox makes it possible to be connected across borders and physical barriers. Formal learning, learning from others, as well as everyday learning on-the-job are combined in an efficient manner. This increases productivity while allowing the greatest possible flexibility. Valuable time is not wasted on long journeys and CO2 emissions can be correspondingly reduced.

What we offer

  • Training strategy with a blended learning approach: assistance and support with the development of a training strategy with a blended learning approach, development of a digital toolbox with learning sequences «on demand», elaboration of learning topics and contents in sprints with management / search groups, cultural ambassadors
  • Virtual learning workshops: Conceptual elaboration of learning topics and contents for virtual training / workshop platforms
  • Empowerment of moderators / trainers: Support and train-the-trainer courses for in-house moderators (management teams, search groups, cultural ambassadors) for physical and digital training sequences