Leadership Development and Leadership Training Programs

Digitization, globalization and changing business models constantly challenge us to reassess the form of leadership. Our leadership training courses are based on the latest research findings and, additionally, include methods tried and tested in practice that deliver powerful impulses and have a demonstrably significant impact. The training programs are conducted either as face-to-face training sessions, as a blended learning model, or as entirely digital modules.
Tailor-made training sessions for all management levels

To begin with, there is your need. Our training programs are developed and implemented together with you in a collaborative co-creation process. We offer one-to-one training as well as comprehensive development programs for different management levels. In the process, we pay attention to ensuring that the content and the types of training courses are well aligned with your corporate culture.

We have a very wide range of training methods and can therefore create experiences that shape the learning curve in a sustainable way. Our international sphere of operation means that we are used to working with participants from a diversity of cultural backgrounds. We deliver training sessions in German, French, Italian and English. Together with our foreign training partners (e.g. in Shanghai), we are also able to run international training courses in Asia.

What we offer

  • New leadership: Using vision, inspiration and meaning to communicate, serving as facilitator to create space for individual initiative and innovation, building networks and acquiring influence laterally, establishing and living a culture of trust, feedback and transformation, and functioning as entrepreneur in the company
  • Impact programs: Talent programs in combination with real projects; development in the areas of project management, leadership and innovation in order to achieve sustainable impact within the company
  • Traditional leadership training: Situational leadership; transformational leadership; conflict resolution; motivating employees; conducting challenging performance reviews, from employee to manager; coaching employees; setting goals and giving feedback, etc.