Large Group Events and Workshops

Any corporate serious about communicating strategy, implementing change projects, anchoring values or enhancing its culture relies on joint participation and shared responsibility. Large group interventions and workshops are part and parcel of a participatory organizational development process. They bring a system into one room: people discuss, discover, experience, experiment, learn, cooperate and develop together, accelerating the changes
Large group interventions for successful organizational development

We see large group events and workshops as an intervention in an overall process. That is why we make sure your needs and objectives are clear. Development of the concept and implementation take place in close coordination with you. We firmly believe that events and workshops should primarily be designed and run by capable minds from the organization in the form of search groups and teams assigned to corporate culture.

For us, co-creation and co-moderation is lived experience. We have an extensive array of methodological settings and also put together events in blended learning formats with digitized elements (digital surveys, virtual conferencing, etc.). We provide expert moderators in German, French, Italian and English.

What we offer

  • Design and implementation: Development and implementation of interactive, lively, educational settings providing learning experience (up to 1,000 participants)
  • Moderation und facilitation: Moderation services and/or workshop implementation in co-moderation with customers
  • Empowerment and support of internal moderators: Support and train-the-trainer courses for in-house moderators (management teams, search groups, cultural ambassadors)