Agile Methods and Project Management

The latest buzzwords are VUCA and megatrends. There is increased intensity of competition. Customer needs are constantly changing and the lifecycles of products and services are becoming shorter. This leads to ongoing change in processes, methods and, also, the nature of teamwork itself. Organisations are, therefore, increasingly operating in teams with a high degree of self-organisation, working in project-driven environments, and applying agile methods. The core value is in the mindset.
Increase your adaptability and agility in a palpable way

Changing parameters, customer needs and a rapidly changing environment require new ways of thinking, operating methods and management structures. Working in shorter development phases and sprints as well as an increasingly self-organised form of teamwork are ways of supporting organizations and their people in strengthening their innovative power and accelerating the dynamics of their activities.

By acquainting your team leaders and employees with the appropriate methods and techniques and by allowing them to experiment with them, their adaptability and agility will be noticeably increased. By applying the methods in their own context and day-to-day business activities, their mindset will also become more agile.

What we offer

  • Agile methods and project management: Effective methods of project management, agile working and communication methods, the importance of purpose and agile goal-setting formats
  • Agile mindset and self-organisation: Facilitating and enhancing self-organisation, individual responsibility, development of exploration and feedback loops, teamwork and communication at a distance, conflicts, dysfunctional elements and tensions in teams
  • Agile structures and teams: Development of agile structures, more fluid teams