We support individuals in various career-related matters through personal coaching. Coaching at Avenir is characterized by the setting of clear goals, the provision of highly professional consultancy services, and a solution and resource-oriented attitude. Experienced coaches with a background in psychology and/or business support you in dealing with your specific challenges.

The range of topics that can be addressed are diverse, but most of them are in a professional context. A typical field of application is, for example, the preparation prior to taking on a new task (on-boarding) or a larger area of responsibility. Often it is also about how one comes across, the modification of obstructive behaviour patterns or the expansion of personal action and coping strategies. The structuring of a professional career and handling of crises or conflicts are also areas dealt with. We support you in optimizing your potential as well as your time management skills and in developing strategies that counteract burnout. We make your resources visible and support you in achieving your personal goals by offering a solution tailored to your situation.

Coaching is suitable for managers, specialists and project managers, but also for employees without specific management and control responsibility.