Career Transition Center

Companies are responsible for meeting and adapting to changing market requirements. This can result in a restructuring, the internal repositioning of employees, and downsizing. Dealing with such a situation responsibly ensures your good reputation as an employer. Affected employees should be supported in the process of their professional reorientation.

We have in-depth experience and know-how in connection with professional outsourcing solutions. Various options are available to our customers for implementation. You can either continue to run your internal job centre and to complement your existing advisory team by the flexible deployment of Avenir specialists. Or we can support your team with our specialists over the long term in order to relieve you from ever changing work volumes on an ongoing basis. Alternatively, you can decide to outsource your Career Transition Centre to Avenir completely. Simply select the optimal solution for your needs from our range of services, which can also be introduced in stages if preferred.

We would be happy to advise you in finding the optimal solution for you.