Employee Surveys & People Analytics

Employee surveys help to measure and analyse key factors in working life and to control them in a targeted manner by means of suitable measures. They are therefore one of the most effective organisational development instruments of all. They also form the basis for further analyses in the area of people analytics.

The fact that supposedly soft factors, such as the perception of employees, have an immense influence on many parameters of corporate success (turnover, profit, fluctuation of talent, customer loyalty, etc.) has been proven in countless studies. In order to measure these factors, we support you with the following offer.

Our services:
Employee surveys: Show where there is room for improvement for all relevant organizational units. Serve as an early warning system for critical success factors such as the fluctuation of high performers. Help to deploy the organizational development budget effectively.

Engagement & Satisfaction: Provide an indication of whether your organization is at a high performance level in terms of engagement and satisfaction and information on how these aspects can be further improved.

Toolbox surveys: Simple, fast and modular survey solution. Individually tailored to agile forms of business.

Change trackers: Track change processes through continuous analysis. Help to understand which organizational unit is in which phase of the transformation process.

Internal service quality surveys: Provide fact-based information for optimizing the cooperation within your organization. Form the foundations for internal customer satisfaction.

360-degree feedbacks: Show development potential at the level of. Provide valuable input for sustainable development.

Health and well-being analyses: Support your health and well-being management with comprehensive data from your organisation. Help to strengthen the well-being and performance of your employees.

Action planning – from results to improvement: translation of results into effective improvement measures. Established concepts such as train-the-trainer workshops, action workshops or coaching sessions are available.

People Analytics: Advanced HR analyses, which combine employee survey data with “hard” business indicators in order to control the company’s success even more effectively.