We support you in determining the strategic direction of your human resource management (HRM). As experienced experts with a high level of implementation competence, we develop innovative and practice-oriented solutions together with and for our customers. We focus on those aspects that constitute a strong organization: identifying and acquiring qualified employees, developing those skills that are critical for their success, and tying themto the organisation for the long-term in a motivated manner. As a result of our close collaboration with universities and institutes of higher education, we have access to the latest research and development findings. We integrate these into our range of services on an ongoing basis. At the same time, we regularly publicise new HR approaches for current practice and training purposes.

Innovative and strategy-oriented
  • HR Strategy & HR Organisation

    Providing integrated support in the further development of your HR organisation - from analysis of the challenges to oversight and control of successful implementation.

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  • HR Governance & HR Policy

    Creating a regulatory framework supporting the effective leadership and guidance of top-level HR management through the introduction of HR governance.

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  • Digital HR & HR Processes

    Instating a solid basis for decision-makers and positioning HR as an innovation generator in the enterprise through the integration of IT solutions and data analytics.

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  • Employer Attractiveness & Strategic Recruiting

    Addressing the right target groups and creating a competitive edge by developing a credible employer brand and leveraging it in recruitment processes.

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  • Competence & Performance Management

    Identifying, recording and developing competencies critical to success and creating an environment that fosters achievement by managing performance through the effective use of competence management.

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  • Cultural Development & Transformation

    Engaging our professional consulting services to implement strategic, structural or cultural transformation processes in a sustainable manner, thereby promoting successful cultural development.

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  • Talent & Potential Management

    Establishing the management of talent and potential as a key factor in the company's success in terms of corporate leadership and employee succession.

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  • Employee Surveys & People Analytics

    Creating the foundations for a successful people analytics competency through the introduction of targeted measures derived from employee surveys tailored to evaluate and analyse specific factors.

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