The Avenir assessment process records and evaluates the relevant competences of middle and top management executives. Our assessments are SQS-swiss assessment-certified in accordance with Swiss assessment standards and meet the highest qualitative and scientific criteria.

SQS swiss assessment

Our assessors are experienced psychologists and senior executives with business leadership experience, ensuring a differentiated assessment and the best transfer of results into practice. We conduct assessments in German, French, English and Italian.

Solid diagnosctics with a high level of practical relevance
  • Assessment Process

    Use Avenir’s assessment process to create a function-relevant skills matrix from team leadership up to management board level. The process can be applied both as a selection as well as a development tool.

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  • Competency Model

    Comprehensive and highly selective assessments of leadership skills as required in practice thanks to the Avenir Competency Model, which focuses on four areas of management.

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  • Reports and Feedback

    A full personality profile following assessment: compiled and analysed by experienced psychologists and management executives, captured in a final written report.

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  • For Candidates

    Are you about to undergo an assessment with us and have questions in relation to the evaluation process? We will be happy to run through the course of an Avenir assessment to give you an overview.

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